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What is  your  parenting  style? As  mothers  our  parenting  styles  may  vary  based  on  our  temperament  and  personality . Often times our  personalities  can  be  compared  to  animals.  Do  you  now  which  animal best  reflects your personality? A lion? A giraffe? Or is it a dog? Incase you have chosen one animal, can I tell you that as mothers, we all have that animal within us, not one, not two but multiple. I recently brought my son to the Hope Garden and Zoo and I was pleasantly surprised at how many animals depicted my personality. Imagine  that !

Knyhiem  is  an  ardent  lover  of  animals.  As soon   as  he  sees  an  animal,  he  instantly imitates  its  sound  and action.  What  better place  for  him  to  see  them  in  action  than  at  the  zoo.  So  armed  with  our  sunscreen,  sunglasses,  food,  juice,  lots  of  water  and of  course,  my  energy  for  chasing  after  him,  we  made  our  way  to  the  beautiful  Hope Garden  and  Zoo in  Kingston, Jamaica.

As  soon  as  we  got  to  the  zoo,  knyhiem instantly  ran  to  the  statue  of  a  lion  and  imitated its  sound.

  • Rrrrrrroarrrrrrr

I  couldn’t  wait  for  him  to  actually  go  inside  the  zoo  and  see  the  real  animals.  Oh what  a  surprise  this  was going  to  be  for  him.   For  those  who  know  me and have read my blogs,  you are  quite aware of  the  fact  that  I  try  to  let  every experience  be  an  educational  one  for  my  son.  So  of  course,  while  at  the  zoo,  he saw the  animals  and finally associated the letter L  that  he  has  been  learning about with a  real  lion, M   for  monkey and B  for  bird.  He  was also  engaged  in  identifying  the  colors  of  the  various  animals  he  saw  and  of  course  he got to count  them. Ok,  enough  chatter, time  to  see  the  animals  that best represent  our  momtastic personalities.

I  don’t  know  about  you  but  I am  like  a  zebra. I  have  earned  a different  stripe  every day, every week, every month  and every year  as  a  mother.  Motherhood  is  quite  new  to me  as I  have  only  been  a  mother  for  a  little  over two  years.  It’s  also  a  learning  experience that facilitates  the use of my  creative  skills,  patience  and  dedication  which  gradually  allows  me  to  earn  my  stripes  as  I  become  an expert in  motherhood.

Like the zebra, I’ve earned my stripes being a mother.

I am  also  like  the  iguana  that’s  beautiful  in  its  own  way.  Most persons find  its  appearance to  be  hideous and are  afraid  to  touch  or  go  near it.  However,  they  still  see  the  beauty  in  it  and  appreciate  it  for  what  it  is. Everything  about  motherhood  is  beautifully  chaotic  for  me.  I  see and  hear  the  beauty  in  every  thing  about  my  son.  From  his crying  as  a  baby and even   changing  his  smelly  poopy  diapers.  My  son  is  a  runner who  runs  at  every opportunity  he  gets.  This  means  I  have  become  a runner  myself  as  I  constantly  have to chase  after him. Occasionally,  as soon as I  let  go  of  his  hand,  he  would  get  down  on  his   knees,  like  the  great  athlete,  Usain St.  Leo Bolt  and  say….. ‘”On  your  mark,  get  set, GOOOOOO,”  then  quickly  dash  off  with  me  chasing  behind  him. I  tell  you,  my  energy  level  is  fully  charged  to  be  able  to  keep  up  with  my  son. For  me,  THIS  is  beautifully  chaotic.

Like the iguana lizard, everything about motherhood is beautiful in its own way.

Motherhood  has  also  highlighted  the  fact  that  I’m like  an  ostrich by  nature.  I  go  above  and  beyond  for  my  son .  There  isn’t  anything  in  this  world  that  I  would  not  do  for  him.  My  son  is  my  main  priority. Therefore,  I  will  stick  my neck  out  and  go  the  extra  mile  for  him. This mean  that  I  don’t  get  to  have  much  of  a  social  life. It’s all  about  my  sonny.  But  hey,  I  would  not  have  it  any  other  way.

  • Like the ostrich, I will always stick my neck out for my son.

I am like the blue and  gold  macaw and  parrots that always  stick  to  each other.  They  are  always  with  their  flock  90%of  the  time. I  spend  a lot  of  time  with my son. Time is  spent reading, playing  or  even  watching  television. Therefore, he is  never  alone.  I believe  in  spending  time  with  my  son  so  that  I  can  be  there  to model  certain  aspects  of  life which  not  only  includes education  but also interaction  with  others  and other  life- long  skills.  This is  done through providing  for  him  a  sense  of  belonging and support.

While spending  time  with my  son, I help  him  to  clarify  or  develop  his  first  concepts  of  relationships as  well as provide  for  him  mental  models  of  friendships. I  also encourage  learning  about  relationships as  well  as  help  him  to  develop  good  communication  skills.  I  do  all  these  for  my  son  so  that  as  he  gets  older,  he  knows  how  to communicate  effectively both  verbally  and  non  verbally  with  those  with  whom  he  comes  in  contact. Learning  about  these  skills  directly  and  in  directly will  also enable  my  son to   become  the husband  that  every woman dreams  of  having, a tender- hearted and  responsible  father,  a productive  boss. a  reliable friend, the  perfect  co- worker or America’s greatest  president.

Like the birds stick to their flock, I’m alway’s with my child. Security means he’s never alone.

My  personality  can  also  be  compared  to  that  of  a  Bob cat.  I’m  very  protective  of  my  son. At his age, Knyhiem doesn’t exactly know wrong from right or danger. I have to constantly be there in his life to guide and  protect him. My bob  cat  mama  instinct  is  always  intact. I can  blow  my  own  horn  and  proudly  state  that  since  having  my  son,  I am  most  alert. I am always  on  the  lookout if  ever  the  safety  of  my  son  is  being  challenged  or  about  to  be .

My  super -sharp  eyes  watch  every  movement  of  my  child while my  super  sensitive  nose can  detect different  scents wherever my  son  is  in  the  house. My  keen  ears  are   also now  trained  to detect and analyse  every  sound once  he  is  with  me – even  silence. I find  myself  doing  this  even  when  he  is  not  at  home  with  me. If he  is  spending  the  weekend  with  family and  they  send  me  videos  of  him, I  always  observe  the  background and  might  for  example  say ” There’s  a  pen on  the  sofa.  I  think  you  better  take  it  up  before  Knyhiem  gets  a  hold  of  it.” sometimes I  might  even  call  them  and  remind  them  of  safety  procedures  to  follow.  I  know  they  often  find  it annoying  but  hey,  sorry.  I’m just  trying  to  protect  my  SONshine.


Like a Bob cat protecting its territory, so do I protect my son.

I think I am a lioness……..rrrrrroarrrrrr.  Every aspect of learning starts within the home so I make myself available  to foster such learning for my child.  His  future is  highly  dependent  on  how  I  groom  him. Therefore,  as  he  gets  older  and  interacts  more  with the wider society he will not be confused. As  my  child  grows  older and  passes  through life’s  stages,  I  want  to  be  his  confidant.  The  person  who  he  can  rely  on even though I  might scold  him  and  then  in  the  same  breath encourage,  strengthen  and motivate  him. As  a  mom,  I was made  to  be  strong  and  ferocious  while  being  gentle  and  nurturing. One  thing  is  certain,  I  will  always  be  there for  him.


Like a lion showing a sense of security, I will always have my son’s back.

Have you been able to match which animalistic  personality you posses as a mother? If not, don’t worry. There are other animals in the world that you are like. Below are other animals that we saw at the zoo that might match your personality.  I  have  also shared highlights  of  our  trip.

Let’s go for a ride on the toot – toot train.

Knyhiem was very excited about seeing the fish.


QUICK! Help me catch the run-away-munchkin.


# BROWN OWL     Peek-a-boo I see you, even though my eyes are closed.
Black and white beauties
Mom, may I please go swim with them?
#  WHITE- THROATED CAPUCHIN  MONKEY . Follow me…..monkey does what monkey sees.
  • # PIGEONS  I like it up here. ………..




# ALLIGATOR Basking in the afternoon sun. What a pose though
    • Look at me. I am very much afraid of heights.


    • How high can you go ?
      Time to cool down



      Mom gets to have some fun too.

      Time to go home. See you soon

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