So  summer  has  long started  and  our  little  ones  are  on  holiday.  Do  you  know  what  this  means?  Nah,  it  doesn’t  mean  chaos…  try  again.  Yes,  you  are  correct.  It  means  pure  fun  and  frolic  for  the  kids with a bit  of  education.

 Knyhiem and I recently went to the beach. We visited the Hellshire beach  in  Portmore, Jamaica. I  decided to  take  him one late afternoon  so  that  he  would  not  experience  the  brunt  of  the  heat from the scorching sun.

Going to the beach is not all about swimming. The experience can also be turned into an educational one while the kids are still having fun. Many moms  have  no  idea  how  to carry out  this  feat.  If  this  is  your current  situation,  then  worry  no  more,  as  today  I am going  to  MOMucate you on  to  educate  and  entertain  your  toddler  this  summer  while  at  the  beach using  some  simple  strategies.

Here is a  list  of  things  to  take  to  the  beach  when  you  are  travelling  with  your  family, most  importantly, a toddler.


6 Fun and Educational Things to do while at the Beach


* Catch the Ball

My son loves to run. What better place to run than on the white sand at the beach. While at the beach, I threw a ball to Knyhiem who in return tried to catch it. While doing this, he was able to further develop his fine motor skills.

*Kick the ball.

This is a creative way for my two-year old to flex his muscles and exercise. So of course he was engaged in a game of soccer on the sand. It’s also best that you allow them to keep their sandals or beach shoes on so that they don’t hurt their toes on the sand while kicking the ball.

*Hide and seek.

My son loves peek-A-boo so I knew he would enjoy an upgrade to a game of hide and seek. To play this game, we took turns covering our eyes while one person hid an object in the sand. Of course I always left a part of the object peeking out, which to my son’s delight, he enjoyed digging out.

*Jump in the box.

This is a great way to teach my son how to jump and balance on one foot. I drew four square-shaped boxes in the sand. Here my toddler took turns with everyone else hopping from box to box on one leg. Do not worry if your child is not able to do this. As long as he sees and understands the objective of the game, then it’s ok. Eventually him or her will get it.


In order to build hand-eye coordination skills, I helped my son to dig small holes in the sand and filled them with water as well as to make whatever creative designs he wanted. The fact that he has to use his hands and eyes to do such task is enough eye and hand coordination for me. There are many benefits to be derived from having my little munchkin play in the sand.



While at the beach, I took my munchkin sight-seeing.  I walked the sand with him and showed him different shapes, textures and colour stones. Knyhiem certainly enjoyed this treat as he often placed stones in his tote bag. I also showed my baby some small shells that were on the sand. He found the shape of the shells very interesting and quickly used them to scoop sand. I also showed him the waves. He found the movement of the waves very entertaining and would squeal with delight each time he saw one. At one point, he tried to chase one that didn’t make it to the sea-shore.



It was my intention to teach Knyhiem how to swim but he would have none of it. He didn’t want to stay in the water but continuously  cried to stay on the sand. However, if your child isn’t afraid of the water then you might want to try your hand at teaching him or her to swim or float. 


I collected small pebbles with the help of Knyhiem and engaged him in counting games. My two-year old already knows how to count from one to ten but I continuously  reinforced it. 


 Whenever I take my  son  out,  I always try  to build and enhance  his social skills. This  was  no  different  while  we were at  the  beach. In  order  to  do  this, I encouraged  and  modeled saying  good  morning ,  good  evening,  hi,  hello,  good-bye  to  other  people  I  came  in contact  with. Many  of  them  might  wave  back  to  my  son  or  stop  and  have  a  quick  chit -chat  with  him. Sometimes  he respond  and  at  other  times he would simply stare at them.

 While at  the  beach  I  met  some  other  moms  who  have  kids  within  my  son’s  age  group.  In  no  time  my  son  waved  and  told  them  hello and  even  handed  one  little   boy his  ball  for  a  game……THE REST IS HISTORY. 


Parenting  is  not  always easy,  especially  when  we try  to  get  our  children  to  achieve  educational  milestones. There  is  no  right  way or  wrong  way  to  do  it-  just  that  some methods  are  more  effective  than  others.  As  parents,  we have  to  strive  to  do  what  is  best  for  our  little  ones through creativity and  consistency.  At  the  end  of  the  day,  we  all  have  the  same  aim  -to be the  best  parent.


knyhiem did not like the water one bit. He literally cried to get out.

Knyhiem was happier playing in the sand.



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