life before MOTHERHOOD

The saying that once you have a child your life will  never be the same is true….well for me it is. While most women can give birth, very few fit  the description of  a mother. The birth of my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Since his birth, a lot has changed in my life. There  are certain things that I use to do but now I do them no more.  There  are  also  certain  things that I  use  to  say  but I say them no more. I am now transformed. I am a MOTHER.

I would  often  listen  to  other  women  talk  about  their obsessive compulsive  disorder (OCD) for neatness, how  they  would  iron  for  the  week and  they  have  to  do  this  and  that and  bla-bla-bla-blah every  morning  before  work.  I  would often  roll  my  eyes and  be  like,  yeah  right,  whatever,  you  are  too  much. I knew  back  then that I  was  the  complete opposite. I remember a  few  years  ago how I would suddenly jump out of bed at the sound of my alarm, run to my closet,  quickly  grab something to iron for work then dash to the bathroom. This was my morning routine before I head to work every  single day. Of course I would skip breakfast. Who needs breakfast when you can get a few minutes of extra sleep instead  of  using  the  time  to  prepare  breakfast. Ask  me  how  I  do  it  and  I will tell  you  how. Well, all that was before motherhood.  I have  now  contracted OCD.  My  morning  routine has  changed tremendously. My clothes, along with that of my son, are now ironed from the night before or days in advance. I also now have to give myself an hour to hour and a half to prepare both myself and my son every week day. Oh, BTW, I no longer skip breakfast.

Before having my son, I was also very impulsive. This was often seen in my spending habits.  Once I saw something that I like, whether fast  food,  jewelry,  clothes,  hair  or  shoes,  it was immediately a must have. Now that my son is born,  I exercise  a lot of patience and  more  prudence when making  decisions.  No  longer  do  I  rush  to  buy  things,  but  I  now  see  how  best  I  can do  without  it, use  what  I  have  or  make  my  own. These  days,  for  example, I rather to sport my natural hair and nails. I now save money,  that I  use  to  spend  on  things  that  I  wanted  instead of needed, towards my child’s education. So  thanks  to  my  munchkin, I am less impulsive but more patient.

Is  there  something  or  someone  that  you  love and  no  matter  how  much  of  it or them you get, you  just cannot be satisfied? Well, I have. I-L-O-V-E-S-L-E-E-P! I am  a “sleepaholic.” Before my son was born, my sleeping habits were like the average single person. I would  literally sleep  about 20 hours each  day of my weekend and wake  up  still  feeling  sleepy. Weekends  are  like  one  of  the  best  things  ever to  have  been created  by  God. Most  weekends  would  see  me  getting  out  of  bed only to  use  the rest room  or  to  eat  something, before hopping  back  to  bed for another  round  of  sleep. Occasionally, I would also laze in  bed, in front the television, watching  a  few  life time  movies. Since  the  birth  of  my  son,  this  is  now  a  rarity  as  I  can  only  sleep  when  my  son  sleeps. All  my  time  and energy  are now  directed  to  taking  part  in  his  many  activities,  whether  by  supervising  or  being  a  participant. SLEEP? WHATS  THAT AGAIN?

While I’ve always been a stay at home girl, I also love a great party. Before the  birth  of  my  son, I use to hook up with my girlfriends most weekends. Back  then, the only thing I had on my mind  to  worry  about was finding the best bikini and whether or not two weeks worth of dieting could magically fit me in my preferred choice of  swimwear. Oh, how I miss those water parties. Apart  from  going  out  with  my  girlfriends, I use to spend hours on the phone and online taking crap with them like, “guuuurrrl,  should  I  wear  the nude shoes  or  the gold ones with  this hot  pink  blouse.” Now that I  have  a  son, my  circle  of  friends  and  associates  has  gotten  smaller. My now very  minute circle and I don’t talk much these days. We save all that chatter for our yearly  friends’ retreat. Let’s  just  say  I am  too  busy  doing  what  mommy  does  best – attending  to  my  sonny.


Before, having my son, I use to snack a great  deal. I totally hated cooking. Whenever I wasnt snacking, I was eating either processed or fast food. Unlike my  bedroom, the kitchen was definitely not my favourite place. Surprisingly  though,  this  has  changed as I  now  spend  a lot  time  in  my  kitchen.  It’s not like  I  have  a  choice, my  baby  has  to  eat  healthy. Thanks to my son,I’m now more domesticated.  Can  you  believe  it? I’m now preparing home cooked meals  and  blending natural juices. I  also now try my hand at baking cookies, cakes and pies which my son loves. The kitchen has now become a fave of mine.

Life before motherhood  also came with a lot of excruciating pain. For sixteen years I would experience pain four days out of every month due to menstrual cramps. I dreaded this time of month and would stock up on pain killers. Apart from my phone  and cash, pain killers were a must have in my purse. I would even anticipate the pain and take them. If not, I would be totally embarrassed wherever and when I experienced cramps. I would cry uncontrollably and the floor would be my only refuge until the pain subsided. Now, since I became pregnant and gave birth to  my  baby,  I no longer experience sever menstrual  cramps. I also no longer walk around with pain killers. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I have taken one in the last three years.

Motherhood  is  now  my  best  teacher. It  has taught me responsibility, prudence, patience,  organizational and  time  management skills and how  to be  thrifty, domesticated and practice healthy eating.  Even  though  I am aware of  the  fact that I have more lessons to learn from motherhood, I know  that  it  has transformed me into  better  woman. I AM A MOTHER.








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