Almost  everyone  wants  to  become  a  parent. In fact,  as  soon as you reach a  particular age,  friends  and  family members start to volunteer  information about  parenting. However,  many  will  tell  you  about  20%  of  the  information  you  need  to  know  about  parenting  and  leave you in  the  deep  to  figure  out  the  next 80%. On  the other hand,  some  may  not even volunteer information  but  instead present you with a book about motherhood-  yeah,  one  of  my  girlfriends gave  me  a book when  I  was pregnant. 

I know  every  experience  is  and  will  be  different. I am  therefore of the belief that no matter how prepared you are for motherhood, you will still be faced with chaotically beautiful experiences. Though  this  might  be  so,   I still wish someone  had told  me  majority of the solutions for these experiences. I  guess  I  have  to  be  grateful to  google and thankful for my beautifully chaotic  motherhood experiences which I would not trade for anything on earth.

Here  are  25  things  I wish someone had told me to expect once I became a  Mother.

  1. The  walls  in  my  house  would be transformed into an  art gallery with my toddler’s scribblings.

  2. My  son  would  spend  more  time  sleeping  in  my  bed  than  his  crib.

  3. My  son’s crib  would be used as storage for clothes, books  and  toys instead of its intended purpose.

  4.  I  would occasionally wish that my son quickly becomes a toddler and then when he does, I would miss him  being an  infant.

  5.  I  would constantly  get burst  lips  once  I  have  an  active  child  who  loves  to  jump  and  prance on  the  sofa  or bed.

  6.  Medicine has to be given by force or the taste disguised with juice.

  7. 80% of my requests will be met with a resounding no from my son.

  8. Breastfeeding is not as filling as  formula.

  9. There are instances when my two year old son would volunteer his independence.

  10. I  would feel guilty watching my favourite  television  programs  as I think that I should  be  watching cartoon  or something  educational  with my child.

  11. Once  you  have  a  child, it  equates  to  having  a  human  alarm.

  12. I would  occasionally  prepare  more  than  one  meal when my TWOnager  decides  that  he  doesn’t  want the sumptuous meal  I spent an hour preparing.

  13. I would have  to disguise the  taste  of  formula  with  strawberry syrup or fruit juice when I  decided to introduce formula to my  baby at  10  months old.

  14. Some toddlers actually learn  on their  own  which  shoe  goes  on  which  foot as early  as 13 months.

  15. I   would have  to  hide all  pens, markers and  crayons so  as to prevent my son from practicing  his penmanship  on  my  walls.

  16. I  would only be  able to cut  my  son’s  nails  when  he  is  sleeping as  he  will not allow  me  to, once  he  is  awake.

  17. I would  rush  my son to  the  doctor  as  soon  as  a  fly  pitches on him  (just  kidding).

  18. I would  cry  the  first  time  my  baby  has diarrhea  and poo more than he eats or drinks hydration fluid.

  19. I would walk  into  every baby  store  I  see  whenever I  decide  to  go  shopping  for  myself and  return  home  without  purchasing  anything  for  me.

  20. I  would buy  baby  food  at  the  supermarket  and totally  forget  to  buy  food  for  myself.

  21. I  would  have  to  hide  my  baby’s clothes or  else  he’s  going to change  his  clothes  throughout  the  day  and  want  to go out.

  22. As my toddler grows, I would often  lock myself  in  a  room  to  get  a few minutes sleep  as  soon  as  family  or  friends  come  to  visit.

  23. I would do  more  house work  when  my  baby  is  out with  his  dad  instead of  sleep  like I  had  previously  planned.

  24. I get  accustom  to   handing my child  his  sippy  cup  that I   might subconsciously  pour myself juice  or  water  in  one.

  25.  No  one would  be  allowed to move  a  muscle or  even  speak  once my  picky  eater  is  actually  eating  some  food  at  the  fear  that  he  might  become  distracted  and  not  want  to  eat.

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