“Have  faith  in  God.  Truly,  I  say  to  you,  whoever says  to  this  mountain, ‘Be  taken  up  and  thrown  into  the  sea.’  and  does  not  doubt  in  his  heart,  but  believes  that  what  he  says  will  come  to  pass,  it  will  be  done  for  him. 


Being  a  strong  believer  of  the  Christian  faith,  I  believe  that  all  things  are  possible  through  Christ  Jesus  who strengthens me.  Without God,  nothing  is  possible. Ever  since  my  son  was  born, I  have  been setting goals for  him.  These goals include  my  dreams  and  aspirations for  him.  Seeing that  my  son  is two  years  old,  he  is  too  young  to  know  or  understand what  life  has  to  offer.  As a  result,  I  have  started   making  the  necessary  preparations for  him  that  will  enable  him  to  become  a  productive  citizen. 

Here  are  10  things  I  wish  for  my  son:

  1. I wish that my son will grow in the grace, likeness and image of God.

  2. I wish that my son will be respectful to everyone he comes in contact  with. Not just those who are in authority over him but the beggar on the street and all those who might be in a lesser position than him.

  3. I wish that my son will maximise his highest potential academically, financially, spiritually and professionally.

  4. I wish that my son grows up to be a responsible citizen. One who accepts when he’s wrong and tries to do the right thing. As a  responsible  citizen, I want my son to be aware of his roles in society and act accordingly.

  5. Death is  a  reality  but I wish that my son lives to see the three scores and ten years that God allotted to man and if by reason of strength, he lives to see four scores.

  6. As  my  son  grows  older,  I  know  that  I  will  no  longer  be  his  only  queen. However,  I  want  to  know  that  his  next  queen  will help  him  to  uphold the  values  his  mamma  taught  him while adding value to  his  life. As a  result,  I wish my son finds a virtuous wife. 

  7. I wish  that my son is always blessed with good health : physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

  8. I wish  that  my  son grows up  to be a positive example or  role model to  all  age  groups.

  9. I  wish  that my son  is always grateful and humble. He should never forget his roots or people who will  impact  his  life positively.

  10. I wish that my son, who is American  born, will one day become the president of the United States of America.

                                 *IT IS  OK  TO  DREAM BIG*




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