Confessions of a Working Mom (part 2 of 2)- THE WEEKDAY MOM

Time  is of  the essence.  Time  wasted  can  never  be  regained.”

Beeeeeeeeeeeeep, goes the rambunctious blaring of my alarm. It’s 5 O’ clock Monday morning and I’m awaken from my deep slumber and brought back to reality – my work week has begun. As a full-time mom and teacher, this is my life: home, daycare, work, daycare, home, repeat. I must say that  I do not mind this structure as I love the fact that  I  am  able  to  dedicate 70% of  my  time  to  my  adorable  munchkin. In fact, if I had to do it all over again I would still be stuck on home, daycare, work, daycare, home, repeat.


My alarm is very essential; a  prized possession in my house.  It is  that  super  pump that activates my adrenaline rush in the mornings. As soon as I hear the first beep, I am aware of blood pulsating through my body which triggers a sudden burst of speed as my feet touch the floor. You should see me in the mornings. I’m faster than the fastest man, Usain St Leo Bolt, himself…..just kidding. The ugly truth is that I  normally  yawn about  a  thousand times  as  I  sluggishly move  my  body and  wish  it  were Friday. Regardless how rested I am,  I still wish Mondays were Fridays.

My first stop each morning is the  kitchen. I use this time to prepare lunch for my son to take to daycare  and put his pre- packaged snacks and juices in his lunch bag. This normally takes me  about half an hour. My  son  gets  breakfast  at  daycare,  so  luckily  for me, I  just prepare  warm formula  for him to drink before he leaves each  morning.


By 5:30 my alarm goes off again. This indicates that  it’s time to shower and dress. This takes me up to 6 O’clock when I wake my sleeping prince and hand him a bottle. Depending on his mood, I sometimes have to feed him for the first two seconds. While my baby drinks his tea, I wipe him off and put on his clothes. Oh  BTW, daycare bathes  him  everyday.

Beeeeeeeeeep! It’s the obnoxious  sound of my alarm again. This time signaling that it is 6:15 am.  I suddenly transform into an army’s captain booming out orders “Baby go get your shoes. Let’s go. Grab your back pack.” My son, quite unaware of the urgency in my voice,  would then go and  select any shoes of his choice while I complete my orders. Yes, you heard me correctly. I always allow  my  child to choose which shoes he wants to wear to daycare. Oh, and you better believe it that my two-year old  munchkin  puts each shoe on the correct foot 97% of the time. He is doing this from 13 months old. MOMtastic isn’t it?


The ride to daycare usually takes me about 15 – 20 minutes. This means that my love bug is dropped off by 6:35 daily. One of the things that I like about dropping him off is that he doesn’t cry. Nope, in fact he barely even tells me good-bye. I don’t mind  though as this is a sign that he loves his school.


Let  me also point  out  that  my  mornings  do  not  always flow this  smoothly. This  is  as  a  result  that  my  son sometimes  cries  to  take  his  bike  to  school  and  at  other  times  wants to  wear  a  particular  shirt or  shorts  instead  of  his school  gears. On such  rare occasions, I stop  and  use  a  few minutes for  a  quick  mini lesson  or  talk to him  about  his  behaviour.  Sometimes  I  cant  help  but  think I have  a TWOnager instead of  a  toddler.


Mommy and baby having a talk about why he  is  not  allowed  to  take  his  bike  to  school.

During the ride to work, Ms. Smith ( I am in  teacher mode  now) then completes the process of getting dressed. * Smile* Calm down folks, I’m gonna explain. While I’m at home, majority of the time I just brush my hair and put my clothes on as I do not have enough time to complete  the dressing process. Then, while  on  my  way to work, I  put on my make up, jewelry, lotion, perfume and  heels. Since  time  waits  on  no  one,  before you know it, it’s 7:10  and I am at work which begins at 7:25 and ends 2:35.


Riiiiiinggggg ding ding! Contrary to my mornings, this is one  of the most heavenly sounds that bless my ears each day. Can you guess what this is? It’s the sound  of the bell signaling the end of my work day. Most afternoons mommy dearest leaves the compound by 2:50.  Heeeeeeyy, I know what you are thinking. Let me answer before you even ask. Yes, I do mark my students’ books. But like I said in my earlier blog, the aim is to work smarter not harder. Therfore, when I have books to mark I use my free sessions and lunch time. Occasionally, I also use my lunch time  for  consultation with  my  students.

As soon as I leave work I might run errands such as go to the supermarket or hairdresser.  Thanks to my son’s daycare for providing me with great flexibility  as they open 6am and closes 8pm…..MOMtastic isnt it? If there are no errands  to  attend to, I head to daycare to pick up my small treasure.

I normally get home by 4pm if I do not have to run errands  on the road. I also choose Mondays and Wednesdays to run errands since I do not have to cook dinner on those days as I use left overs from the previous day. If I’m not cooking, I spend all evening with my son where we complete any given homework. Yes, my two-year old gets homework. We also play games or relax in front of the television. If I have to cook then he watches cartoon, colour, paint or free play. Dinner is normally served by 6 or 6:30.

Dinner anyone? Spaghetti boiled in home-made sweet potato sauce and meatball in home-made mango sauce along with vegetables.

Dinner is served!


Every week night, except Friday, I put my son to bed by 8pm. He likes when I cuddle up beside him and put him to bed. This I do every night.

By 8:30 , When my son is in dream land,  I head to the very place where I started my day, the kitchen. I then  peel and package my son’s fruits for the following  day. I also place one of his pre packaged bag of clothes for daycare in his book bag. This  takes  me  up  to  9 pm when  I do a nightly chore. Such chores might include, ironing,  laundry, cleaning or package my son’s school clothes for  another 3-5 days.

Packages of daycare essentials for three days.

After completion of any of the chores above, I then catch  up  on  my  beauty  sleep by the latest 10:30 or 11pm. Before u know it, it’s time to wake up and click the repeat button as the  next work day begins.











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  1. First of all, I need the black dress 😀. Secondly lovely idea for the pre package outfits. Thirdly, quodos to you on your time management skills.

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