Confessions of  a  Working Mom:  (part 1 of 2) -THE WEEKEND MOM

Did you  know  that weekends are MAID for moms?

Today I don’t  feel  like  doing  anything. Nothing  at  all. I  just  want  to  lay  in  my  bed.”  While  this  is  the  reality  for  many people,  it  is  not  so  for  moms across the  world- single  or  married. Wait a  second  though,  who  says  that moms  can not  convert aspects  of  this  into  their own  reality? FYI, this  working single mother  of  a  two-year old  energetic  son is currently enjoying  aspects  of  this reality. How do  I do  it? Well  first of all,  the  number  one  formula is  to  work  smarter not  harder. Here is how  I  do  it.

The  number  one  mistake that  most  moms  make  is  to  leave  every  household  chore  on their  to-do- list  for  the  weekend. Now  its  time  to  change  that. During the  week  I  put  my  baby to  bed  each night by  8, after which I  do one major  household  chore whether  it  be  laundry  or ironing,  you  name  it.  Then I make sure that I  am  in  bed  by  10 or  11 the  latest so  that I  can  get  adequate rest  for  the  next   work day. Yes sir,  this  queen  B needs her  beauty rest. Additionally,  if  I have a  task on  the  road  I  choose  one  evening  after  work  to  do it  before  I  pick  up  my  son at  daycare. Simply put,  I  do not run  errands  on  weekends, unless it is  an  emergency. Now,  where  was I? Lets  get  back  to  my  weekend.


I always  check to  make sure  that  my  alarm is  off  for  the  weekend once I  get  home  Friday evening. Second  on  my  list is to  prepare  a  very  light  dinner if  I  did  not  buy anything  on  the  road. Friday evenings  for  me  mean  spending quality  time  with  my son.   Our  Friday  evening activities range  from  listening to his  nursery rhymes CD’s or  read one  of  his  story books. Occasionally, I also let  my  baby  colour  pictures  in  his  colouring  book   or paint, both of which  he  totally  enjoys. Then  its  cuddle  time. I  normally  cuddle  up  with  my  baby  and  watch  a  pre -recorded favourite  kid  movie  of  his, for  example, ‘Cars’. By the  end  of  the  movie  its  normally 10 pm. My main  reason for keeping my  son  up  late  most Friday  night  is  to get him to sleep  late Saturday morning – oh  and  mommy  dearest  gets  to  sleep  late  as  well. Happy weekend  so  far  isn’t  it?


My baby  and  I  normally  wake  up  around  8 am  Saturday  morning.  This  is  not  the  case  every  Saturday as  he  might  get  up  a  bit  earlier.  As soon as my baby is awake, I make him breakfast. While he is eating breakfast, I start dinner.  Yes, dinner in the morning.

AWWWWW…….A breath of fresh air.

While dinner is being cooked, which happens to be soup most Saturdays, I  take my baby outside for  him  to  explore  and  interact  with  nature. The nature walk normally goes in accordance with the time it takes for dinner to  be  cooked.

After dinner and nature walk then it’s shower time. This normally takes about half and hour. Shower time  is where  my  baby gets  some  amount  of  independence as  he  tries  to  convince  mommy  that  he can  bathe himself.  I often use this  as  an  opportunity to  revise  the  body  parts  with  him  by  telling  him  where  to  wash. After shower time, mommy and baby then relax in front the television or the bedroom to either watch a favourite cartoon of his for  example, Paw Patrol, Bubble  Guppies, Dora  the  Explorer,  Team Umizoomi and  Peppa Pig.

Occasionally, while we are watching cartoon, I use the time to also potty train. Raise your hand if you potty train in your living room. *raise hand*  During this period  of  relaxation  for  mommy, my baby eats a light snack and so does mommy. These  activities  might take us up to midday when it’s time  for  lunch and guess what my baby eats for lunch……dinner.  Yep,  the soup that I made in the morning.  Can u guess what’s coming next? Yes, you have guessed correctly.  Sleep time of course! This might range  from two to three hours.

As soon  as  my  baby is  awake, I greet him  with a bottle of  formula or  cereal. I then make  my  self  comfortable and watch  a  movie as  my  baby  is given time to  free play, in the same room as  me, with his toys or he might choose to  cuddle with me with his book for a story.

Reading time is fun

The rest of the day of the day comprises of  dinner time and more  free  play  for  my  toddler. I might choose to  watch  another movie or  my baby might  watch educational lessons. Before I put  my  son  to  bed  around  9pm, I  play  educational  games  with him.  These games  are  geared towards recapping lessons  that  my two  year  old  did  in  school  that  week for  example,  how  to  string  beads, animal sounds  or his  numbers.


Sunday morning is pretty much  a  reflection of how  I  spend  my  Saturday. However, on a Sunday I cook  dinner  for  two  days  instead  of  one. I  also  package

A recap on the numeral 6

my  son’s  non- perishable snacks  and  juice for  daycare  for  the week.  Also,  instead  of  watching  cartoon  or  movies  in  the  morning, I use  majority  of  the  time  to introduce  topics  that  my  son will  be  taught  that  week  at  school.   I would normally ask  his  teachers  about  the topics for  the  following  week  each  Friday afternoon when  I  pick  him  up  from  daycare.

While  I  mostly  use  my  weekends  to  relax,  I  also ensure  that  my  son enjoys  his  weekend  by  going  out. Therefore, his  dad  might  take  him  to  get  ice-cream, visit  the park or go to a game and  rides arcade. This is superbly  perfect  for yourstruly  as  I  get  to  indulge in additional relaxation time. I often  use  this  time  to  catch  up   on  my  sleep  or  have  a  long  soak in  the  tub.

OBJECTIVES MET… a well spent weekend.  Before you know it, it’s Monday and mom feels totally rejuvenated for the work and school week.



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15 Replies to “Confessions of  a  Working Mom:  (part 1 of 2) -THE WEEKEND MOM”

  1. Hey very cool blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds adtdoiinally…I’m happy to find so many useful info here in the publish, we’d like work out more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  2. I just discovered your blog and love this post! My weekends are the same as yours. I do all my housework/chores during the week so I can enjoy the weekend with my two kids. I love your organization. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Caroline. It’s good to know that you endorse my strategy since your weekend is almost a replica of mine. As mothers we definitely have to take care of ourselves by working smarter and not harder. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Well on a weekday it’s 7, it varies on a Saturday, especially if we get in late from church. Even if he goes to bed at 10pm Saturday night, he’s still up by 5 am playing Sunday morning. But I am sure it will change when he gets older. Great that he visits church.

    1. My son use to occasionally wake very early when he was younger. However, I noticed that he only did so if I missed a feeding. Back then also he was exclusively breast fed so I had to feed him often. You could look into changing his feeding pattern and see if that works. Maybe your little one is just an early bird though.

  4. Very interesting and informative read. I am looking forward to the day when my little munchkin will sleep through the night, and waking up at 8am instead of minutes to 5, everyday. Keep being a great mom. Oh, do include church on the weekends!!

    1. Oh Shan, I am sorry to hear that your little one wakes that early every morning. What time do you put him to bed though? Maybe you could try putting him to bed a bit later on a weekend if you need to sleep late like I do..yes to your question. I do include church in my weekend some Sundays.

      1. Heya i&8#;172m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

    1. Thanks for reading Nicola. I’m sure you are going to do great as a mommy. I know your bundle of joy will make sure that, that happens. Being a mom will be one of the best things you will ever experience.

  5. I actually enjoy reading your “blog “.. will put what I read in practice…especially enhancing is vocabulary.

    1. I am happy that you enjoyed reading my blog. Please update me about the strategies you employ to build or enhance your lil munchkin’s vocabulary. Remember also that the time to start employing the strategies I mentioned is now, if you have not yet started. HAVE FUN MOMMY.

    2. What an awesome side table and the fact that it has a little story behind it makes it even betvor!Lete love your first look. Come give me all of your clothes, k? 🙂

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