Mr. Curious at 9 months

At what age did your little one start to talk? My son  started  talking  at  6  months.  His first  word  was  dada then mama. Soon after,  at  8  months, my  baby  started  saying  ‘no’ repeatedly. Regrettably,  I  was  constantly telling  my  baby  no for a  plethora of  reasons. He  was  so  active and  would frequently crawl towards unforbidden  areas and  oh  yes…  my  lil  monkey  was  also very  much  into climbing. He would climb just  about  anything  that his  little  hands  and  feet could reach. Don’t  like  saying  no  to  your  baby? Then now  is  the  time to  stop. Mothers, did you  know  we  can  tell  our  bundle  of  joy  no  without  actually  saying  no? Of course  we can! My  baby once  went  to investigate  all  the  colourful  things  in  my  refrigerator. Instead of  saying  no,  I  simply said, ” Let us go and  see  what is  inside  your toy box. Refrigerators  are  not  for  babies.”

Soon after, my  son’s second favorite word was titi…..*smile* Again,  this  is  another  word  that  yourstruly would  always  say  to  him  whenever  it  was  time  to  be  breastfed.  Now mothers,  have  you noticed  the  trend? My son’s  vocabulary  started  to  expand  with  words that  I was constantly using to  him. Therefore,  if  you  want  to  expand or  develop your  baby’s  vocabulary the  place  to  start is  through  immersing  him  or  her  in  language.


You might  be  surprise at how much your baby is paying attention to what you are  saying  to  him  or  her  on a  daily  basis.  But hey,  incase you have forgotten, our little princes and princesses are sponges.  Yes! Sponges! They literally internalize every bit of detail they see and hear. I remember  once when I was teaching my son  the word’ fish’. I wasn’t able to get him to repeat after me. However, this soon  changed. One  day  while he was  wearing a shirt with a fish on it he paused  and looked  at  his  shirt, pulled  it  away  from  his  body,  looked  me  in  the  eyes  and  said “phish.”……lol.

As time  progressed,  my  baby’s vocabulary  started  to  increase. He now  has  over  fifty  words in  his  vocabulary at  two years old. He  is  also  now  constructing  sentences. These  sentences range from two to  three  words  per sentence. He  would  for  example  say,” Banana, let’s go and  mommy lay down.”  Additionally, there are  also  words  that  he  does  not  utter  but  he  perfectly  understands  me  when I  talk  to  him.  So  if  I  say,   baby  go  get  your  slippers, don’t  think  for  a  second  that  he is going  for  his  shoes. Nope! He is getting his  slippers. There are  also  times  that  your baby will utter words  that  you  have  taught  him  or  her  but  just  not  in  your  presence. From birth I  have  always hug, kiss  then  say  I  love  you  to  my  son. Oh how  I  wish  he  would  repeat  these  words to me. He did  however repeat  them -just  not  to  me.  I  was “fortunate” to  walk  into  a room  just  in  time  to  see him  run  towards his  sleeping  father while calling  daddy,  threw his  arms around his  neck,  kissed  him then said- I LOVE YOU. Instantly I  wanted to  cry, whether  it  be  from  jealousy or  excitement  from another motherhood  accomplishment. My journey  with  his  vocabulary  does  not  end  here. I am  proud  to  have  journeyed  thus  far with  my  baby  through  language  immersion.

            Here are seven useful tips to increase your baby’s vocabulary.


  1. Identify your baby’s  favorite objects and food and  repeatedly say the words to him or her daily.
My lil munchkin viewing his picture book at 13 months old.

2.Read books to  and with your baby  that have pictures and single words on  each  page. As you flip through the pages, hold your baby’s hand and  touch and call each word more than once. Word of advice…use books that are  age  appropriate.  You can actually  start  your baby  off with books  like  ” My First Word”.

3. Source toys that match words that you are currently teaching your baby. Ensure  that you  say  the  name  of  each  toy through playful  songs  as  you  interact  with  your  love  bug.

4. Buy clothes for your baby that depict words that you have been teaching your child. Show  and  say  the  name of each  picture   to  your baby before  dressing him or  her.

My son is in love with cars so I have placed one on my wall so that he can interact with it daily.

5.Print and paste  colored pictures of objects.  Please  ensure  that  each  object  is  strategically  placed  where your baby can see it. In doing  so, your  baby  will  be  able  to  internalize and  attribute  a  name  to  each object as  he  or  she  interacts with  it.


Mommy and baby in the car park at four months old. #realiaatwork

6. Use realia.  Lets say  you  are  teaching your baby animals,  I  would  suggest that you  take  him  or  her to  the  zoo to see what  the  real animals look  like. When doing  this, please ensure that you repeatedly  say  the  name  of  that  which  is  being  taught and  encourage  your  child  to  repeat….if  he or  she is old enough. Let us  say  for  example  that  you are  teaching  the  child  the  word banana. You  can  peel the  banana  in  front  the  baby  and say  banana more  than  once  before  giving  it to  the  baby. I am  pretty  certain  that  before  you  know  it,  your  lil  munchkin will  soon  be  saying, “Mommy banana.”

7.Just talk. Did you know  that your  baby is  able  to  recognize  your  voice  while in your  tummy? The  answer is  yes. This  is  where  their  literacy  development  all  begins. Pregnant women are  therefore  encouraged  to  talk, read and  sing  to  their  fetus. It is  also  paramount that  this  continues  after birth. Ensure  that  your love  bug  is  constantly  being  saturated in speech.  As you feed your  baby, talk about  what  he or  she  is   being  fed.  Yep! You got  that  right. Just  talk to  you  baby  and  model that  language.

Vocabulary Building =  Chaotically  Beautiful  Experiences


















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  2. What’s սp, of course thiѕ paragraph iѕ actually pleasant and I have learned lot of things from іt regɑrdіng blogging.

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    1. Thank you. I do actually have a contact page. If you go to the home page its at the top right hand corner. It comes directly after the picture of me holding my son as a baby. You will see three icons, home, contact page and about Moi. Just click on the one that says contact.

  4. Its so interesting reading this blog which has caused my to reflect on the journey I had with my son who is no 11. I remember a friend told me that I should not do too much baby talk, I should instead formulate sentences and simple words so that he could learn how to communicate and that in doing that I was actually teaching him. Your blog has reinforced this value. Also, the evidence is now seen in how he expressed himself and his clear diction brings a smile to my lips

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