At what age were you when you had your first child? Weeeelll, for me I was 30. Before getting pregnant, I felt like I was missing out.  I had accomplished so much and yet I was feeling empty…..but what was missing? It suddenly dawned on me that I wanted a baby and to make it worse……. the big 30 was fast approaching.  As it drew closer I became more depressed. Why was I so depressed? I  soon learnt  the  answer  to  this  question; I wanted a baby and I was  unmarried.  While  growing up,  I  harbored  thoughts of starting a family after marriage. But oh boy,   I had  suddenly  caught BABY FEVER.  My  fever  then  spiraled  to  a  high of  115 degrees Fahrenheit.  I was  burning  up!  Married or not, pregnancy  here I come!

For those who know me, they would tell you  that I did not know much about babies. I would not hold them nor change a diaper…I didn’t even know how to keep these precious little munchkins quiet or play with them. This fact  was  soon  dispelled  after my son was born. It was while with him that I learnt how to guh-guh- ga- ga, play peek-A-boo and not to mention, change diapers. My son keeps me so active on a daily basis. He is one bubbly baby. I could not ask for more as my life is now filled with chaotically beautiful  experiences of parenting.


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8 Replies to “THE big THIRTY”

  1. Quite an interesting piece, many women struggle with this very same issue of turning 30 without kids. Looking forward to the next blog!

  2. Wow very interesting!! you must have been very happy whrn you found out that you were pregnant. you seems to be one strong contemporary woman.

  3. Great blog. I share some of the very same feelings when my son was born. Motherhood is indeed “beautifully chaotic”

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